rtems_interrupt_catch(): installing old handler

Ingolf Steinbach Ingolf.Steinbach at jena-optronik.de
Fri Oct 7 11:35:35 UTC 2005


in my code, I am using something like the following (simplified)
code to install and deinstall an ISR (RTEMS 4.6.1 using the
leon2 BSP):

    #include <rtems.h>
    #include <assert.h>
    rtems_isr_entry oldInterruptHandler = NULL;
    rtems_isr_entry dummy = NULL;

    rtems_status_code const result =
                    newHandler, trapNumber,
    assert(RTEMS_SUCCESSFUL == result); /* first assertion */

    /* do something */

    /* install the old handler */
    result =
                    oldInterruptHandler, trapNumber,
    assert(RTEMS_SUCCESSFUL == result); /* second assertion */

The first assertion succeeds. The newHandler ISR is installed
and is indeed called when the associated interrupt is received.

However, the second assertion fails because result indicates
an RTEMS_INVALID_ADRESS error (probably because the first
rtems_interrupt_catch() returned a NULL oldInterruptHandler).

How can I de-install an interrupt handler?

Kind regards

PS: I know that 4.6.1 is not the latest 4.6.x release but I
    did not find any changes related to the above problem
    in the change logs.

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