RTEMS BSP for Wuerz Elektronik ec555-light board

Andreas Pfeil ap at rsise.anu.edu.au
Tue Oct 18 05:53:12 UTC 2005

Hi folks,

I'm trying to get a BSP running for the ec555-light board manufactured 
by Wuerz Elektronik (http://wuerz-elektronik.com/mpc555light.html).

This BSP is extremely close to the ss555. It seems, it only needs some 
minor modifications in the startup code (remove intialisation for the 
CPLD - doesn't exist on the wuerz board; change memory mapping, as the 
external memory is located at a different address) and a different 
memory map (I think, the memory size is different).

How do I do this in the least painful and most maintainable way? Do I 
need to build a new BSP, should the ss555 BSP augmented to support the 
Wuerz board?

Andreas Pfeil
Australian National University

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