RFC: Remove BSP_Configuration

Joel Sherrill <joel@OARcorp.com> joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Thu Oct 20 13:46:17 UTC 2005


While teaching the class last week, it occurred to me that an RTEMS
application has 2 copies of the Configuration Table and a separate 
pointer to it in the executive proper.  Maybe this can be simplified.
So I want some feedback.


   + confdefs.h generated a structure named "Configuration"
   + shared BSP code copies that to BSP_Configuration
   + RTEMS proper does not know the variable name Configuration
     or BSP_Configuration, so it takes a pointer in as an
     argument to rtems_initialize_executive_early and saves
     that address in a global pointer variable.

My proposal would be to:

(1) Eliminate BSP_Configuration entirely.  Do not copy
     the generated Configuration to BSP_Configuration and
     modified Cofniguration as required in the BSP.

(2) This is somewhat disjoint.  Let RTEMS assume that the
     Configuration Table has a known variable name and that
     it is "Configuration".  This will eliminate the global
     variable in RTEMS proper and might reduce some code.

My only concern with (2) is that right now, RTEMS proper does
not know any variable names provided in user/BSP space.  But this
seems like a simplification worth pursuing.

FWIW I believe the same argument applies to the CPU Configuration
Table as well.

Thought, comments.
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