Building Ada Cross Compiler following Wiki

ap at ap at
Tue Oct 25 10:58:51 UTC 2005


The Wiki page about Ada and RTEMS mentions compilation of a cross compiler
failing due to the wrong TARGET value.
(Note 2, beneath the step for compiling gcc)

Laurent Guerby was supposedly investigating this bug.

It seems, newlib provides a dirent.h file in

I haven't checked the configuration process yet, but it seems that the
"rtems" part refers to the architecture of the target, which doesn't get
included, if the architecture is rtems4.7 or unknown (for the targets
powerpc-rtems4.7-elf or powerpc-unknown-elf).

I hope, that helps for whoever is stumbling over this bug, too. - I just
didn't know, how to get that into the Wiki...


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