MVME5500 board support status?

Kate Feng feng1 at
Thu Oct 27 10:03:42 UTC 2005

On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 at 07:21:43 AM, Kate Feng wrote :

> The tools I used for
> the 4.6.0 version I posted on the WEB are :

> binutils-
> gcc-3.2.2
> newlib-1.11.0
 > automake-1.9.2  (from GNU site)
> autoconf-2.59   (from GNU site)

While retrieving back information from the mailing list
for my own reference, I realized that I made an honest  and
obvious mistake.  Others know better about tools than me.
However,   here is to get the record straight:

All the tools were obtained from the RTEMS web site.

The  automake-1.9.2  and autoconf-2.59   were downloaded
form the RTEMS site while I was trying RTEMS4.7
in 2003.  For  the  4.6.0 version I posted on the WEB, I used

 automake-1.7.2 or  automake-1.7.6

However, it was reported that the new tools  from the
current RTEMS site  works on the RTEMS-4.6.0-MVME5500
as well.


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