Too many tool versions, all different

Peter Dufault dufault at
Mon Oct 24 14:06:59 UTC 2005

On Oct 24, 2005, at 9:51 AM, Joel Sherrill wrote:

> Peter Dufault wrote:
>> It's really confusing trying to figure out what tools to use.
>> I'm trying to setup a Solaris 10 system for a client for  
>>,  including all source for development.
>> 1. The tool versions in  
>> TOOLVERSIONS don't match the tool versions in FTP:// 
>> pub/ rtems/SOURCES;
> Someone reported this last week.  I thought I had fixed this.  What  
> in particular is missing?

Maybe they do given that the "-N" doesn't mean the number of patches  
applied.  automake 1.9.6-0 is missing, though.

>> 2. pub/solaris/rtems-4.7 has other versions, and is from 1 year  
>> ago  June, so that's no where to look;
> Solaris tools have not been built in a while and I do not not when  
> or if they will be built again.

Maybe just remove that directory then?  I doubt an old 4.7 snapshot  
helps and it confuses things.

> ...

> You will never see 4 patch files to the same source tarball.  The  
> -4 indicates it is the fourth revision of the RTEMS autoconf 2.59  
> package.  Very likely -1 did not have any patches.  Revisions -2  
> and -3 could have been earlier versions of changes or packaging  
> mistakes that resulted in having to not distribute the RPM.

I think -0 had no patches and -1 one patch.  Maybe either remove old  
patch files and add a README to say what patch goes to what -N, or  
always leave them so the number matches?  Right now it's a mixture -  
some old patches are still there and others must have been removed.

Anyway, another difference is that TOOL_VERSIONS says Autoconf 2.59-3  
and the email says 2.59-4.


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