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Wed Sep 7 14:31:59 UTC 2005


It should come as no surprise that no single person has all the
boards in the RTEMS source tree.  In that light, I am begging users
to report on their success or failure with particular boards and

I would like each BSP page on the Wiki to include some Test Results.
At the moment, I am happy with a "it runs OK" or "I had to apply the
patch with PR XXX to get it to run".  If you can say it runs hello and
ticker, that is actually very important information.  If you can comment
on networking, that is important.  For the pc386 BSP, knowing which NIC
drivers are getting use is important.

Here is an example of one I did for psim.  This is the actual Wiki text

==Test Reports==

4.6.4: [[User:JoelSherrill]] reports that it runs fine on gdb 5.3. [[User::JoelSherrill]] reports that it runs fine on gdb 6.3.

If you are using a 4.5.x series or anything earlier in the 4.6 series,
please feel free to add that information.

If you are testing against CVS, use the version number "CVS-HEAD DATE"
where DATE is when it was last updated.

The information is really important.


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