MPC8XX Ethernet Speed

Steven Johnson sjohnson at
Wed Sep 21 05:12:16 UTC 2005


We use a heavily customized MPC8XX BSP to suit our strange hardware.  We 
have a 100Mhz MPC862.  Rtems works fine, has done for years.  Ethernet 
is just being implemented now.  We are using the FEC of the MPC8XX and 
the main processor is running as 100Mhz.

Now my Engineer is telling me if he opens a socket to the target, and 
just echo's the data back, he is only able to sustain around 33KB/s 
transfer rate.  This seems pretty dodgy, for 100Mbps Ethernet running on 
the FEC.

My question is, what sort of speeds do people experience with MPC8XX 
type hardware and FEC's in their designs with Rtems?  I dont need any 
benchmarks or the like, just what you have experienced.

Steven Johnson

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