Call for SPARCengine 1e BSP

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Wed Sep 7 20:14:33 UTC 2005

Ivan Galkin wrote:
> Inspired by Joel's invitation, here's a call for a BSP port to 
> SPARCengine 1e board.

Does this match any of the hardware in the list at?

If you can boot NetBSD, then you have (OK someone has) all the driver 
information you need.  Not in the best form but there.

I updated your Wiki entry to include information on how to
address the a.out boot loader and som eother thoughts.  See

> SPARCengine 1e is a SPARC V7 board in VME, circa 1991.
> This CPU was used as a prototype for the ERC32 chipset.
> The existing RTEMS ERC32 BSP does not work on SPARCengine 1e (see below).
> Motivation for BSP port:
> An ERC32 evaluation board can be found at $15-18K from Atmel or Tharsys, 
> whereas a used Force CPU-1CE or CPU-2CE boards are a mere $100 on ebay. 
> The ERC32 VME boards continue to be a viable choice of 
> radiation-hardened embedded systems for space applications.

Does Force have any documentation?  How about the ESA folks who 
originally did the ERC32?  I know it is old but Jiri.... any thoughts?

> Known problems with Rtems ERC32 on SPARCEngine 1e:
> ERC32 BSP is in ELF format, whereas SPARCengine bootloader supports 
> a.out-sunos-big only.
> Very little expert help can be found, the board is too old.
> Original SUN libraries for this board are hard to find.
> Potential problems:
> MMU got redesigned in ERC32.
> VME support looks board-specific.
> Hope to hear from someone interested.
> Ivan

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