Help! - Compilation error for mips-rtems tools under Cygwin

bndrobinson at bndrobinson at
Wed Sep 14 16:02:59 UTC 2005

Keith Siders wrote:
> Having downloaded what appears to be the latest tools
> sources for mips-rtems under Cygwin ( binutils 2.15,
> gcc 3.3.3, and newlib 1.13.0 ), binutils built and
> installed fine, but during build of gcc, got an
> assembler error on a -G option as being unrecognized.
> I have included some of the output here with hopefully
> enough to identify where this is happening in the
> makefile. I am attempting to build in accordance with
> the RTEMS doc "Getting Started with RTEMS for C/C++
> Users", Edition ss-20030411, dated 27 January 2003,
> Appendix A, section A.2.4. I have successfully
> completed the steps down to A.2.4.5 "make cross".
> Also, how do I use configure to tell the tools to
> build for big-endian MIPS? This seems to be building
> for a little-endian target, by the mips3/.../el
> directory references. configure --help didn't reveal
> any secrets on this.
> Am I even heading down the right road with this??? Or
> should I be trying to use a different set of tools for
> building under Cygwin?

Hi Keith -

I have the GNU tool chain for MIPS built for RTEMS to run under CYGWIN. I used the following versions:

binutils 2.14 (2.15 has problem generating map files),
gcc 3.4.1 (3.2.1 doesn't generate correct code for va_start),
newlib 1.12 (Add -G0 to newlib_cflags for MIPS host in /newlib/

As to the error, I'd wonder if the MIPS assembler is actually being used at the point where the error occurs. You should try getting the compiler to list the tools that it is using.

Bruce Robinson

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