Help! - Compilation error for mips-rtems tools under Cygwin

Keith Siders tx_mips64 at
Wed Sep 14 14:44:25 UTC 2005

--- "Joel Sherrill <joel at>"
<joel.sherrill at> wrote:

> Since you are building the tools yourself, just
> build the latest source 
> for the version of RTEMS you are using.  If it is
> the CVS head, then
> just grab the sources used to compile the latest
> RPMs.
> We stopped building Solaris and Cygwin tool for
> snapshot toolsets.
> It just adds too much to the build time.  I suppose
> Cygwin tools
> may be provided again as we get closer to the
> release point.  I don't 
> know about Solaris thought.

Well, Solaris is a "don't care" for me if that helps.

> This problem is very common when building cross
> compilers.  You
> either did not install the cross binutils first OR
> you did not
> put it in your PATH (hopefully at the beginning). 
> This is even
> in the getting started guide.
My bad; 'twas the latter...retrying now. How

My main goal at the moment is just to get tools to
build, then I will get the latest from CVS and

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