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Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Thu Sep 15 13:18:43 UTC 2005

Angelo Fraietta wrote:
> Joel Sherrill wrote:
>> Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>>> How do I find the status of
>>> filesystem/649
>>> ATA driver hangs on initialisation with No primary IDE
>> and view the PR.
>> On this one, no one has provided any feedback in GNATS.
>> I remember discussions on the mailing list.  Do you remember
>> if any suggestions on what to try or what was happening
>> were made?  It would be nice at least to get URLs to these
>> discussions in the PR.
> The start of the my identification of this problem is
> The system hangs if there is no primary master IDE. This becomes a 
> problem with me working on a PC104 system that has a compact flash card 
> that plugs into the Secondary master. I can't continue working with this 
> module while this bug is still there.
> Once this gets sorted (and I finish my thesis -- hopefully this year), I 
> can get to work on getting the ethernet working and then the sound card 
> (I already have RTEMS drivers that need to be tested).
> The IDE, however, is the greatest problem. Until that is sorted, I am 
> unable to continue working with this system.

I have added the URLs for the discussion to the PR.

Have you tried inserting debug printk's into the in/out methods and
getting a trace of what is going on?  If you can narrow it down to
some specific hardware check loop that is hanging, someone might be able 
to help more.

>> If you have a solution in your back pocket, it would be
>> welcomed. :)
> I know what was happening, however, i don't have any solution
> I would also like to get this going because the vendor I got the system 
> from deals a lot with PC104 systems and is interested in RTEMS from what 
> I have shown him with the DIMPC; however, until he sees it running on a 
> system that he sells out of the box, it will be hard to convert him to 

You can't blame them for being conservative.  I don't know if anyone 
would be interested in having a loaner in exchange for debugging.  That
is always a possibility.

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