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Fri Sep 16 23:43:44 UTC 2005

Angelo Fraietta wrote:

> I did a make, then changed the file
> Then I did a make depend
> then a make again. It appears that the changed .h file was picked up. 

It is a success - Tested it out on the PC104 card and was able to read 
and write to the compact flash.

The way I have it implemented is that I have it as a different BSP to my 
DIMMPC (which is pc386dx -- this one is PC386). I can see how one could 
use it still using the RTEMS makefile by doing a configure with a 
different prefix if wanted to use the same BSP.

This is a big stepping stone to having this PC104 board fully RTEMS 
capable (I suppose that is a different subject)
Just need to get the ethernet drivers now
The manufacturer provide the Linux source, which you can see at

Someone said they were going to implement the rt18139, however, they 
never got back with an example exe

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