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Luís Vitório Cargnini wrote:
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> How to write an device driver ? wher could i get this information the
> source tree is a little bit ... huge, and not much intuitive yet (i'm
> new with RTEMS, or where could i find this kind of documentation with
> examples.

There isn't an example of probing for a PCI device.

> What exactly i need, i have a processor and i'll connect a deviuce throw
> the bus pci for example how could i does this ?
> My processor will be Leon, bus amba AHB and hardware will be an ft device.

I would recommend looking at one of the PCI network device drivers and
seeing how it finds its devices.

c/src/libchip/network has multiple examples.

The BSP still needs to initialize the PCI subsystem for the board
and provide some hook routines to the RTEMS PCI code.


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