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Angelo Fraietta newsgroups at
Mon Sep 19 22:14:39 UTC 2005

Thomas Doerfler (nt) wrote:
> Hm, Joel, I don't think so. Reasons:
> 1. The preprocessor #define I have introduced modifies the content and
> the size of a IDE configuration data structure at compile time. With
> your trick I can only think of a solution that would modify the
> structure at runtime, which is a bit more complicated.
> 2. Ralf already objected to the idea to have a different BSP for
> Angelo's PC104 board only because it has a different IDE configuration,
> and I fully agree with him.
I agree - it is not really a different BSP; rather a configuration issue
> 3. Maybe this configuration item will propagate the possibility of
> configure time options a bit more, I think it is quite an elegant way to
> handle options for the RTEMS build process, and at least for me it was new.
> I think specifying a special IDE configuration during the "configure"
> run is quite an elegant way to overcome this problem. Each user still
> has the possibilitiy to supply a user-defined "ide_cfg.c" file with a
> special configuration, which is quite similar to your proposal (in this
> case, a BSP library module "ide_cfg.o" will be overridden from a user
> supplied object module), but in most cases the standard ide_cfg.c will do.
> What do you (and all the other users) think?

I agree with having it as a configuration option. I am quite happy to 
use a different config option set for the PC104 and DIMMPC. In my case, 
I am using different BSPs for the boards--pc386dx for DIMMPC and pc586 
for PC104.  If someone was using the same BSP, they could change the 
--prefix in the config to a different path for each different 
configuration. It just means that I have to change my 
RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH variable during the build (which I have to do 
anyway) to point to the different directory

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