building bsp w/o examples

stanley jobson stanley.jobson at
Sat Sep 24 15:58:47 UTC 2005

> > 
> > will this include something like: libnetworking/* (e.g. pppd,
> > webserver, telnetd ...)
> > 
> > when doing objdump -d image i see a lot of ppp functions which i
> > really do not need ... but bloats my image :(
> How are you linking the application? It looks like something is wrong 
> there.  RTEMS is a big library and carefully constructed so you do not
> link in functionality you do not reference directly or by implication.
> I saw a "LD" in a previous email.  Are you using the GNU tools
> provided with 4.6 or some other toolset?
> How are you linking?  It appears to be wrong.

here is my LD command:

LD ../obj/i386/PING/node.img
i386-rtems-gcc  -qnolinkcmds -qrtems  -L../src/contrib/embunit/lib
-B/usr/local/share/i386-rtems/pc386/lib  -specs
/usr/local/share/i386-rtems/pc386/lib/bsp_specs -T
../src/sys/i386/sim/startup/linkcmds -o ../obj/i386/PING/node.img 
<all the c object files>

so i use the gnu toolchain compiled for rtems i guess ...
i use the bsp_specs provided by rtems for my bsp 

so maybe this is not correct but it looks like a correct linker command
to me. i should mention too, that i do not use the buildsystem
(configure, Makefiles) provided or suggested by rtems ...

i use f.e. no ppp stuff in my app but the rtems examples/tests use it
(which are also included in the rtems libs) - so maybe this causes the
linker to include all the ppp stuff (incl libnetworking/ppp) into my
final binary ?

any ideas to my other prob? : the ppp stuff is missing the
rtems_bsdnet_config var/struct which is definitively defined in one of
my header files and included by one of my object files ...


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