mvme2600/4 motorola_bsp: Anyway doing work on this bsp?

rtwas rtwas at
Sat Sep 24 21:19:31 UTC 2005


>> The file is clearly being uploaded to the board. I can peek into the
>> memory and see the opcodes.
>> I have verified (at least for about the first 512 bytes) that the code
>> matches that in the executable image.
> OK.  This much is good.  Now to compare the peripheral set and memory 
> map between the 230x and 260x.  Likely there is some difference 
> tripping up the BSP.
> It might also be useful to turn on all the ifdef's for debugging in the
> BSP (motorola_powerpc and libbsp/powerpc/shared).
I wish I understood the bootloader process and memory map for rtems with 
respect to the mvme2xxx.

It' s not directly documented. My frustration with RTEMs is that the 
documentation is not new-user friendly. My guess is that you'd have had 
to been hacking on it a while to understand what hell is going on. I've 
studied the BSP docs over and over and it is still unclear how one is 
even to procede to start a new bsp, much less modify an old one.

Robert W.

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