mvme2600/4 motorola_bsp: Anyway doing work on this bsp?

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Sat Sep 24 15:44:46 UTC 2005

rtwas wrote:
> Hello,
> Till Straumann wrote:
>> rtwas wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'd like to get rtems working on the mvme2604. I've seen in the past 
>>> that people have got the mvme230x bsp to work (for the mvme260x. I've 
>>> not been that lucky.
>> I certainly am among the 'lucky' people, i.e., mvme230x works fine
>> here. How is the 260x different? At a first glance, it looks very
>> similar to me. What problems did you experience?
> I tried using the mvme2307 for my mvme2604. It does nothing but segfault.
> I did go through and set the ENV values as described in the readme.
> The file is clearly being uploaded to the board. I can peek into the
> memory and see the opcodes.
> I have verified (at least for about the first 512 bytes) that the code
> matches that in the executable image.

OK.  This much is good.  Now to compare the peripheral set and memory 
map between the 230x and 260x.  Likely there is some difference tripping 
up the BSP.

It might also be useful to turn on all the ifdef's for debugging in the
BSP (motorola_powerpc and libbsp/powerpc/shared).

> Robert W.

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