mvme2600/4 motorola_bsp: Anyway doing work on this bsp?

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Mon Sep 26 11:30:56 UTC 2005

rtwas wrote:
> Hello,
>>> *** HELLO WORLD TEST ***
>>> Hello World
>> YEAH!!! Can you please make sure the mvme260x gets added to the
>> Wiki?
> Are you asking me? I don't understand "Wiki"'s at the moment.

Yes.  Goto and click
edit.  It will lead you setting up an account.  THe editing markup is 
very minimal.  I have put some minimal info in as a starting point.

> I attempted the "netdemo" example and got a seg fault, so I'm not sure just
> how usable this is as an example of rtems on the mvme2600.

Likely a different interrupt structure or interrupt controller.  Hard to 
say.  What NIC does it have?

> I'm also trying to get vme functionality and I'm not having much luck there
> either.

Likely the same issue as the NIC -- slightly different hardware.

> I think it'd be real handy to have a "boardtype" howto with examples of 
> what a
> person did to make their apps work along with an example app. I'd 
> certainly be
> happy to provide examples of such as soon as I have something to 
> provide. :)

Agreed.  I encourage people to write BSP HOWTOs and hints and put them 
in the Wiki.  At one level a WIki is groupware capturing useful tidbits
of knowledge that no single person can remember or know.

I think this is a case where the board is slightly different from the 
others in the family and the BSP itself will require tweaking.

>> What CPU is in the mvme260x?  

> mpc604 for mvme2604 (the units I have)
> mpc603 for mvme2603

Next step.. what are the peripherals chips on the board.  Board level
block diagram time.

FYI linking to documentation from a Wiki page is useful.

> Robert W.

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