mvme2604 confidence test.

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Tue Sep 27 21:05:12 UTC 2005

gregory.menke at wrote:
> rtwas writes:
>  > Hello,
>  > 
>  > Question: What does this mean "pci : Interrupt routing not available for
>  > this bsp"?
>  > 
> The bsp is not aware of how PCI bus interrupt lines are mapped to the interrupt controller interrupt lines.

And... do tell more :)

The message is printed in libbsp/powerpc/shared/startup/bspstart.c
based upon calling motorolaIntMap(myBoard). myBoard is set earlier to 
the return value from getMotorolaBoard().

The code in libbsp/powerpc/shared/motorola must be enhanced to
recognize the board and pick the right interrupt map.  The interrupt
map table might have to be added.

Richard and I did the mvme2100 version in here.  The board has to be
recognized and there needs to be a minimal interrupt map.

Nothing too terrible to pull out of the board manual.  :)

You are getting there... don't stop yet.

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