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Steven Johnson sjohnson at
Thu Apr 27 02:32:54 UTC 2006


Ive just started moving my project over to, and here is what I
have to report:

I'm building the Bare BSP for a custom MPC862 target.


We need to be able to prevent all ping's being echoed in my
application.  Ive added a feature to the network stack to allow this to
be toggled by the application (using a sysctl).  Patch is attached for
comments.  Note, I havent tested this yet, cause I still havent got my
program fully built with yet. 

Id also like the ability to statically allocate mbuf's (and friends) in
the network stack.  I'm working on a generic way of doing this,
currently I just hack the code around to achieve what i need.  If i come
up with something generic ill post it.


LibChip is pretty much useless for me, and I would prefer not to build
it.  There is no option to not build LibChip, although the ./configure
system indicates it would be desirable.  I agree.  Currently a ATA
driver in libchip wont build for me, I think because I'm using a bare
bsp.  It would be useful for me to just disable it.  Any chance of this
becoming an option so i wont have to patch the source tree to remove it
from the build?

pppd and zlib:

I have discovered that ZLib has crept its way inside the rtems source
tree.  A first glance seems to indicate this is for the support of
pppd.  Neither of which are useful for me.  I already use zlib 1.2.3 and
my zlib is customized, so i cant have both of these.  So I really would
prefer it not to be built.  Same goes for pppd, its of no use for me. 
It would be nice if these "Extra" packages, including httpd, ftpd,
telnetd, etc  could be enabled or disabled as required.  I know I don't
have to link them, but id prefer not to build them either.

Otherwise, I'm really encouraged.  It seems all of my bsp customizations
I had previously had to patch over the 4.6.x tree will now be able to
reside with my application, where i feel they belong.

Thanks a lot for RTEMS, its great.
Steven J

Joel Sherrill wrote:

> Hi,
> I have cut the snapshot from the
> development head.  Hopefully we can get some
> feedback on this and begin to resolve issues
> that will allow a 4.7 branch to occur.  This
> release is available from:

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