Buildung Tools for m68k-RTEMS on Cygwin Host

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Fri Dec 15 13:36:31 UTC 2006

Can someone give me a hint on what sources to use 
to build a compilertoolset to cross-build rtems 
on CYGWIN (win2000) ? 

Tries with Sources found on pub/rtems/cygwin/rtems-4.7 
failed due to errors when configuring rtems: 

make[2]: Entering directory `/tmp/build/m68k-rtems/c'

checking for sys/errno.h... yes
configure: error: Required header inttypes.h not found
configure: error: /bin/sh '../../../../../rtems/c/src/../../cpukit/configure' fa
iled for ../../cpukit

I checked out rtems-4.7-branch from cvs two weeks ago. 

The source for the compiler I used were: 
- rtems-4.7-gcc3.4.0 (from pub/rtems/cygwin/rtems-4.7)
- rtems-4.7-binutils-2.15.2 (pub/rtems/cygwin/rtems-4.7 -- 
  (quite different from that mentioned in Getting Started for RTEMS)
- newlib1.12.0 (from pub/rtems/SOURCES)

What about building a newer gcc-version (containing that missing file) ?

During configure my system PATH was set to find the newly
installed m68k-rtems-4.7 tools build from the above sources. 

The reason why I started building tools myself was mainly because 
the prebuilt compiler binaries for mingw failed using cygwin-mounted
search paths. (Whatever I did wrong...)

I wonder if someone could give me a clue. 

Thanks in advance,

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