Buildung Tools for m68k-RTEMS on Cygwin Host

Ian Caddy ianc at
Mon Dec 18 01:08:04 UTC 2006

Hi Frank,

frank.ueberschar at wrote:
> Can someone give me a hint on what sources to use
> to build a compilertoolset to cross-build rtems
> on CYGWIN (win2000) ?
> Tries with Sources found on pub/rtems/cygwin/rtems-4.7
> failed due to errors when configuring rtems:
> --------------------------
> make[2]: Entering directory `/tmp/build/m68k-rtems/c'
> ...
> checking for sys/errno.h... yes
> configure: error: Required header inttypes.h not found
> configure: error: /bin/sh 
> '../../../../../rtems/c/src/../../cpukit/configure' fa
> iled for ./../cpukit
> --------------------------
> I checked out rtems-4.7-branch from cvs two weeks ago.
> The source for the compiler I used were:
> - rtems-4.7-gcc3.4.0 (from pub/rtems/cygwin/rtems-4.7)
> - rtems-4.7-binutils-2.15.2 (pub/rtems/cygwin/rtems-4.7 --
>   (quite different from that mentioned in Getting Started for RTEMS)
> - newlib1.12.0 (from pub/rtems/SOURCES)

I am by no means an expert here, but I am sure RTEMS 4.7 uses gcc-4.1.1 
so even though you have built tools from the RTEMS site, I don't think 
they will work with 4.7.

> The reason why I started building tools myself was mainly because
> the prebuilt compiler binaries for mingw failed using cygwin-mounted
> search paths. (Whatever I did wrong...)
> I wonder if someone could give me a clue.

Can you provide more details here, we use the m68k tools, and have hand 
built both our Cygwin version and Mingw version (currently use).  I have 
both Cygwin and Mingw on my machine.

Have you considered using MSYS (mingw) as your build environment, it 
seems to co-exist better with windows tools than the cygwin environment. 
  I really only have Cygwin left, as we used to use Cygwin as our build 
environment and we have legacy products running on RTEMS4.5 and old 
tools which we have under Cygwin.  Everything new is done under MSYS.

I hope this helps.


Ian Caddy

Ian Caddy
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