Xilinx IP core drivers for RTEMS- diff attached

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at embedded-brains.de
Thu Dec 7 15:42:54 UTC 2006


Keith Robertson schrieb:
> gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov wrote:
>> Robert S. Grimes writes:
>> I like the new bsp idea as well.  Maybe the thing to do is create a
>> "virtex4" bsp containing a copy of the gen405 bsp as-is, then I could
>> check in my patches against the new virtex bsp.
> Sounds good.  Perhaps 'virtex' is a better name however.  There's 
> hardcore ppc405's in the virtex 2 pro, virtex4 fx, and to be released 
> virtex5 fx.

I am really looking forward for a new BSP like this. But I am not SO
glad with the name recommendations, because I am sure there are other
cores (a LEON/Sparc? a OpenCore OR32?) which could be implemented in a
VIRTEX FPGA. And Although the BSP code itself is encapsulated in the
PowerPC tree, at least the config file "<bsp>.cfg" is in the shared
directory make/custom. So Maybe a more striking name for the BSP would
be good, like "virtex-ppc405" or so?


> Cheers.
> Keith
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