Problem report: Struct aliasing problem causes Thread_Ready_Chain corruption in

Sergei Organov osv at
Sat Dec 9 08:17:52 UTC 2006

Till Straumann
<strauman at> writes:

> Sergei Organov wrote:
>> Till Straumann
>> <strauman at> writes:
>> [...]
>>> Plus, it seems that there is a gcc (extension?) so that
>> I think this is pretty standard-conforming, see below.


>> As far as I understand, "alias" is symmetric with respect to read/write.
>> So, provided the standard says int* and char* may alias,
> It doesn't. It says that an object may only be accessed by
> an lvalue of compatible type or character type.
> -> char[4] is a char array
> -> *(int*)char is an int
> The standard doesn't allow a char array to be accessed as an int.

Yes, you are right here indeed. According to the standard char* may
alias anything but not vice versa. Me stands corrected.

-- Sergei.

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