no return from rtems_task_wake_after

Samuel Bitton S.Bitton at
Tue Dec 5 13:50:06 UTC 2006

I'm working on a BSP for an in-house custom made board based on the i386ex processor.
I've just managed to get RTEMS to boot on the board.

While trying to get several tasks running I've come to face some a problem.
- if within my init task (before creating any new task) I make a call to rtems_task_wake_after (whatever the number of ticks as a parameter), the software never returns.
- when I create a new task, the return status from rtems_task_create and rtems_task_start are both successful but the created task never appears to run.

Any suggestions as to what may be going on?

I'm using rtems 4.6.4 and developing under Cygwin.


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