Re-2: Buildung Tools for m68k-RTEMS on Cygwin Host

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Dec 21 22:39:52 UTC 2006

frank.ueberschar at wrote:
> Yes. I had to change /etc/fstab manually because I installed
> it on a different directory due to space requirements. 

Did this installer get the path wrong in the /etc/fstab ?

> (However, an 's' was to append on .../rtems/4.7/build/rpm's' to get 
> this installation working)

Ok. I will update the documentation.

> (At this point of my experience I've installed cygwin and MinGW 
> on my PC - using with different serch paths. Bootstrapping on cygwin
> buildin on minGW.)

If you have this working and you can manage both I see no problem.


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