problem with privilege with posix RTEMS

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Mon Feb 6 12:16:24 UTC 2006

Matteo wrote:

>I have a problem with thread posix , can you help me to resolve it?
>The problem is the following; 
>I have to test RTEMS using a scheduler posix, I have compiled the scheduler 
>with RTEMS using the Makefile of the example psx_sched_report, opportunely 
>modified, but I have a problem when I reboot the system. From the bootLoader
>(grub 1.5) I choose to launch the scheduler and I have an error, this error is 
>like I don't have the privilege to set the priority of the task. 
>I try to launch the scheduler in linux in a normally way, like a root and re-
>compiled for my linux, and I didn't have problem.
>So Can I resolve the problem? 
>It appears like I don't have enought privilege, like I was not root, but it's 
>impossible because I launch my scheduler like a Operative System from the boot 
>Can you help me?
There is no idea of privileges in RTEMS.  You do not have something 
configured or
written correctly.  What error precisely is returned?  Did you try to 
create a POSIX thread and
not configure any?

More details and/or code are required.

>Thanks in advance

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