gettimeofday seconds rollover problem?

Eric Norum norume at
Mon Feb 27 15:32:48 UTC 2006

What's the current status of this?
1) Have the 'volatile' additions to the _TOD_xxxxx variables been  
committed?   I think that we all agree that this step is necessary.
2) Are the "memory" barriers going to be added to the _ISR_Disable/ 
Enable/Flash macros?  If so, who's going to make and commit the  
changes?  If not, are we sure that we are going to have correct code  
where they're used?  It seems likely that any code protected by  
_ISR_Disable is going to be acting upon volatile variables but is it  
reasonable to assume that this will always force the compiler to  
generate the expected code?
3) Are the "memory" barriers going to be added to the  
_Thread_Dispatch_disable/enable macros?     If so, by whom and why do  
the arguments against adding the barriers to the interrupt macros not  
apply here as well?

This problem is important enough that it needs to be dealt with quickly.
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