another simulator -- mips/powerpc, etc

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Hi all,

Karel is the king at finding simulators which look promising. :)

This one looks to have potential as it can run a lot of MIPS OSes and
a handful of ones for other targets...

Gene.. I cc'ed you since they list the Linksys.

Does anyone see any potential targets there?


>> Well, if you are still not mad from my emails about emulators, then please have a look at:
>> This is emulator which as per:
>> should emulate:
>> ``is fairly complete as it can run NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux and Ultrix. It can emulate a wide range of processors (R2000, R2000A, R3000, R3000A, R6000, 4K, R4000, R4000PC, R4300, R4400, R4600, R4700, R8000, R10000, R12000, R14000, R5000, R5900, TX3920, TX7901, VR5432, RM5200, RM7000, RC32334, 5K, BCM4710, BCM4712, AU1000, AU1500, AU1100, SB1, SR7100) as well as a wide range of systems (ARC machines, Playstation 2, DECstation, Cobalt, Malta, MeshCube, hpcmips, Sony NeWS, SGI machin, Netgear box, Linksys WRT54G). However, the best supported machines are DECstation/DECsystem machines and MIPS Malta. "hpcmips", Sony NeWS, MeshCube, NetGear WG602, and Linksys WRT54G are only skeletons. This project is very active. It's homepage is''
>> see AU1500! Perhaps nice target for the csb350 BSP? :-)
> Ehm, so sources does not look that good for au1500:
>  *  Au1x00 (eg Au1500) pseudo device. See aureg.h for bitfield details.
>  *
>  *  Used in at least the MeshCube (Au1500) and on PB1000 (evbmips) boards.
>  *
>  *  This is basically just a huge TODO. :-)
>  */
> from: dev_au1x00.c
> On the other hand, this emulator also emulates PowerPC! And also DEC 21143 ("Tulip") ethernet controller! So perhaps something like real powerpc emulator with network? I hope so! :-)
> Cheers,
> Karel
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