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I have got mcf5206elite BSP running on this simulator today. Patch for 
simulator from David Grant is attached. See transcript to learn how to 
run RTEMS:

Simulator session:

[vvv at gimli coldfire-0.3.0]$ ./coldfire --board lite-5206e.board
Use CTRL-C (SIGINT) to cause autovector interrupt 7 (return to monitor)
Loading memory modules...
Loading board configuration...
       Opened [/home/vvv/.coldfire/lite-5206e.board]
Board ID: LITE
CPU: 5206 (Motorola Coldfire 5206)
       unimplemented instructions: CPUSHL PULSE WDDATA WDEBUG
       62 instructions registered
       building instruction cache... done.
Memory segments: adram  timer1  timer2  uart1(on port 5206)
                uart2(on port 5207)  sim  sdram  fsram
                gpio  rom
!!! Remember to telnet to the above ports if you want to see any output!
Hard Reset...
Initializing monitor...
Enter 'help' for help.
dBug> dl ../hello.bin --offset 0x30000400
Downloading Binary image... (offset=0x30000400)
dBug> go 0x30000800
sim:sim_write(): Unaligned SIM memory access, offset=0x000000ca
sim:sim_write(): Unaligned SIM memory access, offset=0x00000021
sim:sim_write(): Unaligned SIM memory access, offset=0x00000022
i_movec:execute(): Storing 0x3000c000 in the ACR0 is unimplemented!
i_movec:execute(): Storing 0xff00c000 in the ACR1 is unimplemented!
serial:serial_write(): uart1: Setting Auxiliary Control Register (UACR) 
IEC (Interrupt Enable Control) has no effect, because we don't have a 
CTS pin on the serial port to interrupt on.  Sorry.

Telnet session:
[vvv at gimli coldfire-0.3.0]$ telnet localhost 5206
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.

Hello World

There are some problems with loading ELF files; use m68k-rtems-objcopy 
-O binary <prog>.exe <prog>.bin to get binary image.

Also note that simulation speed is quite low, so you may need to wait 
while tests relying on timer completed.

Don't forget to copy board description files to $HOME/.coldfire, or set 
symbolic link from $HOME/.coldfire to <prefix>/usr/share/coldfire (or 
install simulator to /usr/local).


Alan Cudmore wrote:

> I downloaded this coldfire-0.3.0 simulator and tried it out. I got  
> one of the standard uClinux ports to run on it, so my setup works.
> Next, I built the RTEMS 4.6.2 mcf5206elite BSP to try it with the  
> "lite-5206e" simulator configuration. It looks like the simulator  
> download command is assuming a certain memory address for the  
> download ( DL ) command. It wants to load the code at 0x10000, but  
> the RTEMS BSP is targeting the RAM for 0x30000000. ( which is  the  
> correct range for the real board )
> To make it work, I think we would have to tweak the simulator to load  
> the code to the correct memory range.
> I think I missed this, but does the SkyEye simulator support the  
> coldfire architecture?
> Alan
> On Jan 9, 2006, at 2:44 PM, Joel Sherrill wrote:
>> Karel Gardas wrote:
>>> On Mon, 9 Jan 2006, Joel Sherrill <joel at> wrote:
>>>> Karel Gardas wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> IMHO lite-5206e.board from the simulator might support  
>>>>> mcf5206elite BSP.
>>>> is this only at the original source for the coldfire simulator?
>>> I'm refering to: 
>>> coldfire-0.3.0.tar.gz
>>> SkyEye integration might be buggy as it is quite new...
>> OK.. I have built it and can invoke it as
>> ../coldfire --board=lite-5206e
>> But I don't see how to download.  The instructions on the page talk  
>> about telnet'ing to two ports and then entering the dl command but I
>> don't see how that would work.   Am I being stupid?
>>>> Looking at the source, I see that this file arch/coldfire/common/ 
>>>> board.c
>>>> has what appears to be a hook for the Arnewsh board but I don't  
>>>> see any obvious way to configure it.
>>>> FWIW .. why does this take gtk2-xll to build?  I have only run  
>>>> SkyEye as a command line program.
>>> gtk2 is used for LCD emulation.
>> OK.  Then I am not missing any fancy features. :)
>> --joel

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