Couple of minor errors in Getting Started with RTEMS

Robert S. Grimes rsg at
Thu Jan 12 15:08:47 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Just a few documentation errors that should be cleaned up to help new 
users (like myself).  Nothing major, as even I could figure it out :-P , 
but might help minimize the confusion...

Two little errors in this.

1. On the page below, the instructions for unpacking tar's using bzip 
seems wrong; on my Gentoo Linux system, the command given seems to be wrong:

	tar xIf ../archive/TOOLNAME.tar.bz2 # for bzip'ed tools

Should be:

	tar xjf ../archive/TOOLNAME.tar.bz2 # for bzip'ed tools

My tar doesn't understand the "I".

Bad Page:

2. On the page below, these instructions are wrong:

	cd tools/gdb-5.2
	cat archive/gdb-5.2-rtems-20030211.diff | \
	    patch -p1

Should be:

	cd tools/gdb-5.2
	cat ../../archive/gdb-5.2-rtems-20030211.diff | \
	    patch -p1

Bad Page:

While I'm at it, the page should be 
updated to include the current release (4.6.5)!  And, under the 
Snapshots section, the Current RTEMS Snapshot link sends you to 
ss-20030411 - obviously out-of-date!


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