bdbuf.c changes, in CVS yet? (re: PR852)

Chris Caudle chris at
Thu Jan 12 17:36:45 UTC 2006

Has the following change to bdbuf.c been checked into CVS head yet?
My read of the CVS logs is that it has not, although I had trouble following 
where the final resting place of bdbuf.c is, since it seems to have moved 
directory locations at least twice, and browsing CVS reposistories with the 
web interface shows all the versions.
Is my understanding correct that the version of libblock currently used is the 
libblock under rtems/cpukit?

Chris Caudle

>>We have increased the performance of the MSDOS filesystem by adding
>>write-combining and read-ahead to the bdbuf.c buffer library. We 
>>filed this change as a patch agains RTEMS- under PR852 in 
>>Thomas Doerfler.

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