PSIM and MP tests -- anybody got working?

Karel Gardas kgardas at
Sun Jan 22 20:24:46 UTC 2006


I'm trying to get MP tests working on PSIM using PSIM BSP. So far no 
success, and debugging is not easy since I don't know if PSIM is broken or 
PSIM BSP is broken. Is there anybody here who does have this beast working 
so I may try to duplicate his/her experiments here to see what's exactly 
broken in my setup.

Also if you do have any documentation reference how to even start those 
test, that might also be helpfull. So far I've just patched gdb, 
uncommented sem/shm related lines in psim script and try to start one psim 
with *node1 test and then the second with *node2 test...

Karel Gardas                  kgardas at
ObjectSecurity Ltd. 

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