Help for hello_world!

Matteo matteo.posterli at
Tue Jan 31 09:14:06 UTC 2006

I have installed rtems4.6.99.2 with gcc4.02,binutils2.16.1,newlib1.13.0. 
My system is a ubuntu and I have intel Centrino. I have configured rtems, gcc 
and binutils for a target=i386 and rtemsbsp=pc386.
I download example4.6.99.2, I export RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH and I make 
hello_world and it creates ./o-optimize
directory where there are six files; hello.bin,, hello.exe, hello.num,
hello.obj, test.o .
When I try to launch /.hello.exe like following;
Why Killed?
I'm a root and my shell is a bash.
Someone can help me?
thanks in advance

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