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Karel Gardas kgardas at
Tue Jan 31 09:20:57 UTC 2006

On Tue, 31 Jan 2006, Matteo wrote:

> Hi
> I have installed rtems4.6.99.2 with gcc4.02,binutils2.16.1,newlib1.13.0.
> My system is a ubuntu and I have intel Centrino. I have configured rtems, gcc
> and binutils for a target=i386 and rtemsbsp=pc386.
> I download example4.6.99.2, I export RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH and I make
> hello_world and it creates ./o-optimize
> directory where there are six files; hello.bin,, hello.exe, hello.num,
> hello.obj, test.o .
> When I try to launch /.hello.exe like following;
> /usr/local/rtems/source/tools/examples4.6.99.2/hello_world_c/o-
> optimize#./hello.exe
> Killed
> :/usr/local/rtems/source/tools/examples4.6.99.2/hello_world_c/o-optimize#
> Why Killed?
> I'm a root and my shell is a bash.
> Someone can help me?

Yes, does Ubuntu uses GRUB? If so, copy hello.exe to the directory where 
you have your linux kernel binaries, reboot, instruct grub to boot 
hello.exe, boot it.

Do you see it running? Please keep in mind that RTEMS is standalone RTOS 
and all BSPs except unix/posix provides binaries which are intended to be 
boot on the target board/device. The only unix/posix BSP compiles RTEMS 
apps into ordinary Unix apps which might be then run on top of Unix/Linux.

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