grub help needed

Chris Caudle chris at
Thu Jan 19 16:45:14 UTC 2006

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Booting from Hard Disk
> =================================
> I get no indication the grub menu on the floppy is being used.

Looks like boot from hard drive image is the default for qemu.
If you have multiple disk image files, you can use the "-boot" option on
the command line to specify which disk image to boot.
So your command line would become:
qemy -fda <floppy> -hda <hdd> -boot a
if you want to boot from the floppy.

I think the earlier suggestion about the partition table not being present
is probably correct.  I would suggest going back to mounting a disk image,
as opposed to exporting a directory as a FAT disk image, and using a boot
disk with fdisk on it to create a partition on the disk image, then format
that partition as FAT.
I have been recently setting up the latest version of bochs to do the same
thing, and ended up just downloading a precreated FreeDOS disk image from
the Bochs project site.
Grub boots from a floppy image, then I run the RTEMS fileio test on the
disk image.  Seems to work OK, although I'm currently trying to work out
why the console output is a bit garbled.

-- Chris Caudle

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