RES: Some questions about building release / debug versions of a RTEMS application

Fabrício de Novaes Kucinskis fabricio at
Fri Jan 20 17:49:27 UTC 2006

Ok, I did my homework!

I studied more how the RTEMS executables are created. I'm posting what I
found here to help when someone else have the same doubts. Please correct me
if I'm wrong.

Using a makefile based on the one that comes with hello_world_c, the
executable will be in a "debug version", with all the debug and relocation
symbols. To remove this symbols and create a "release" version, it's
necessary to use bsp-rtems-strip or bsp-rtems-objcopy (see the man pages
about these programs). In my case, a debug version with 1.1mb turned into a
release version with about 125kb.

Concerning my second question, I'm still confused.

If, in the makefile, I inform some managers in "MANAGERS", the only
difference I notice is that the linker DON'T link a "no-manager.rel" file.
For example, if I inform "MANAGERS = sem msg", all no-manager.rel files will
be linked, except no-sem.rel and no-msg.rel.

So, what's the purpose of the MANAGERS in the makefile? Should I use it or
Thanks again,


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Hello all,

I'm trying to create debug and release versions of an applicaton, but I'm
having some difficulties. I'm using a makefile based on the "hello_world_c"
makefile. With this makefile, any RTEMS executable I build has a size of
about 1MB.

This exe is a debug version; how to create a release version? Is it
necessary to create a different RTEMS build and change the
RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH? (but my RTEMS libraries were built using 'make all
install', not 'make VARIANT=debug')

Or just set some tags in the makefile?

One more question: I'm a little bit confused concerning setting the managers
to include. I inform the managers with the MANAGERS variable in the
makefile, but it doesn't appears to have effect.

In some previous messages here in the list, it's said that this is not
necessary anymore, and that only referred managers would be included in the
resulting exe. Is this correct, and valid to both release and debug

Thanks in advance,


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