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Jonathan Kalbfeld jonathan.kalbfeld at
Fri Jul 14 02:33:44 UTC 2006


I went ahead and put a Solaris package in the uploads section on the
rtems website.  It includes binutils 2.17, gcc 4.1.1 and gcc 6.5 built
to run on Sparc solaris building rtems for the following targets:
i386, sparc, mips, arm, and powerpc.

It installs in /opt/thoughtwave, which is where I do all of my toolchain stuff.

The whole thing is about 109MB compressed and about 500MB uncompressed.

You can bunzip it and then

pkgadd -d THOTesdk-2.17-4.1.1-6.5-sparc-solaris10

Then just add /opt/thoughtwave/bin to your PATH and
/opt/thoughtwave/man to your MANPATH.

Have a lot of fun,


On 7/13/06, Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have uploaded some new RPMs.  Except for the autotools
> RPMs which are not supported by the new specs yet, these
> are the first set I have uploaded based upon Ralf's new
> spec files in contrib/crossrpms.  Ralf can comment on
> the many improvements in these RPM specs but a few
> obvious ones are:
>   + patches are not in CVS (contrib/crossrpms/patches)
>   + all targets do NOT have to be in sync with respect
>     to patches or tool versions.  For example, the tic4x
>     target is using the same binutils 2.17 but gcc 3.4.6
>     instead of gcc 4.1.1 like the other targets.
> The following RPM sets are now available:
>     rtems-4.7-binutils-2.17-0.20060707
>     rtems-4.7-gcc-3.4.6-0.20060707.1
>     rtems-4.7-gcc-4.1.1-0.20060707.1
>     rtems-4.7-gdb-6.4-0.20060707.1
>     rtems-4.7-gdb-6.5-0.20060707
>     rtems-4.7-autoconf-2.60-0
> I haven't yet put all of these through a full workout but
> the limited testing I have done looks very promising.  I
> would like to switch to the new RPM specs for the 4.7
> release series so getting these built and out is a big
> milestone.   Thanks Ralf.
> --joel

Jonathan Kalbfeld
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