ide hard disk and fileio.exe

Steve Hunt hunt at
Sat Jul 15 19:03:49 UTC 2006

I am having a problem running the fileio test program on my IDE hard

After reading through the mails in the archive, I must admit to still
being a little unclear as to which disk formats and media are supported.
Is there any other up to date documentation?

I only have a single ide hard disk (no usb or floppy)- that was setup
with linux (is this the problem?) with the following partitions

	hda1   - fat16 id=6
	hda2   - fat32 id=b  boot
	hda3   - ext3  id=83
	hda4   - swap  id=82

grub is installed on hda (not hda1, or hda2, etc)

I boot grub - and run fileio.exe from hda2 - it starts fine - I want to
read a file on hda1 - but even when I first try to read the partition
table (option p - and select /dev/hda) - it crashes (starts writing junk
to the screen).

I have rtems

tracing through the code, I find it gets as far as routine
rtems_bdbuf_read in file bdbuf.c. and crashes on calling:
"result = dd->ioctl(pdd->dev, BLKIO_REQUEST, &req);"

Any ideas what I should try?

Another question is what is the difference between the various  386
architectures (i386ex, pc386, etc...)?

Thanks in advance
Steve Hunt

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