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Michal Kutil kutilm at
Mon Jul 17 13:24:40 UTC 2006

Chris Johns wrote:
> Pavel Pisa wrote:
>> There is group of people working on scheduling
>> toolbox for Matlab TORSCHE at our university department
>> (address bellow) as well. It provides tools for
>> off-line schedulability analysis, verification
>> and schedulers design. It would be great if the design
>> can be done in TORSCHE and results of the real
>> system run could be viewed in its viewer.
>> This tool has already been successfully used
>> for optimization of some real world problems to divide
>> and order some DSP like computation steps between
>> more hardware computation units (in the FPGA) to
>> achieve highest throughput. The static scheduling
>> of tasks for MP RTEMS system comes to the mind there.
> Nice. This is what I had in mind.
> I see the host TCP protocol interface initially being written in a 
> portable scripting type language. For example Python, or whatever (lets 
> please not start a thread on the best language just yet). We can add 
> more code to write to a file, fill a database, import into another 
> system, develop a GUI over time as resources or support comes along.
> Could we import data into this system if captured to disk ?

Yes, we are preparing import from XML file to the TORSCHE Scheduling 
Toolbox for Matlab. This function will be available in a next release. 
Graphics output on approval from TORSCHE in a Gantt chart form are 
available on following URL address:

In the same time we are working on an independent application. This 
application uses the same XML format for drawing Gantt charts (in PDF, 
EPS ...). First preview is available on:

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   Czech Technical University
   Faculty of Electrical Engineering
   Department of Control Engineering

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