Closing PRs

Jerry Needell jerry.needell at
Fri Mar 10 18:44:18 UTC 2006

Joel - What tracking system do you plan to replace GNAT's with? - Jerry
Joel Sherrill wrote:

> Hi,
> There are a lot of PRs in the RTEMS GNATS database that
> I suspect need to be closed.  I have been working backwards
> through it trying to reduce the number of open PRs.  Please
> help by closing PRs that you know are irrelevant if you have
> write permission.
> Please, please help close PRs.
> IMO GNATS has been superceded by other PR tracking systems.
> When it gets to the top of the sysadmin list, the RTEMS
> server will be upgraded.  I cannot find a way to automate
> the conversion of GNATS 4.x databases to anything else.
> So I am prone to say the GNATS DB will be dead at that point
> and we will be starting over.
> We may keep it around as a read-only resource but that's it.
> So please pitch in and let's close some PRs.
> --joel

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