Problem to save file on the hard disk! What I have to set to do it ?

Yan Luo yan_luo at
Wed Mar 15 13:40:41 UTC 2006

> Hm, this sounds, as if reading of the partition table hangs. What kind
> of interface do you have to connect your harddisk? RTEMS currently  
> only
> supports a standard IDE interface (no SCSI, no SATA...). And it  
> asumes,
> that the harddisk is connected as Master to the primary IDE  
> interface. I
> should have mentioned this before :-(

I am using a pretty old laptop (Compaq, Pentium, no CDROM). I believe  
the hard drive is standard IDE based and on primary master because it  
is "hda" in Debian linux. It would have other device names if it were  
SCSI or other, right?

I am wondering if "grub" (the boot loader) caused the problems. Both  
Matteo and I use grub. Will grub affect the partition table and  
mounting? Could you tell us the test environment that you run fileio  
on before, if you don't use grub or lilo?


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