Long Filenames in MSDOS Filessystem

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at imd-systems.de
Fri Mar 17 13:11:25 UTC 2006


we had internal discussions about that some time ago. From a functional 
point t would be nice, from a technical point it would be rather easy to 
implement. From a legal point, it might be difficult, because Microsoft 
has patents pending some aspects of long filename implementations on FAT FS.


Wilfried Busalski wrote:
> Hi
> Why does RTEMS didn't support long filenames in MSDOS-FAT?
> If i look around in the Internet many other Free Operationsystems support
> long Filenames in there MSDOS-Filesystem.
> Has anybody written a patch  for RTEMS to Support long filenames?
> Regards
> Wilfried Busalski

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