RFC: Abandoning mips p4xxx BSPs

e.stiebler emu at ecubics.com
Tue Mar 21 18:31:01 UTC 2006

Bruce Robinson wrote:
> I'm building RTEMS for 2 variants of MIPS: PMC-Sierra RM5232 and Toshiba 
> TX4925. Both are fully capable of 64 operation, but the application 
> doesn't require it. I think the old tool chain I was using did generate 
> 64 bit code inadvertently (and worked); but the newer stuff is 
> definitely set up for 32 bit code only.
>  From what I've seen, I believe the interrupt handler code would need to 
> be tweaked to get 64 MIPS working properly again.

It was my impression anyway, that nobody would NEED 64bit addressing on 
an embedded system anyway ;-)

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