Shockwave Flash Tutorial Available for building toolchan & rtems

jonathan.kalbfeld at jonathan.kalbfeld at
Fri May 26 02:19:26 UTC 2006

I am so new to RTEMS that I decided the best way to learn how to build
the toolchain and build the necessary libraries was to document the
process.  I used a nifty program called vnc2swf, recorded my VNC
session, then watched it and narrated it, used gnome-audio-recorder to
record my voice, converted it to mp3, and glued that together with the
shockwave flash to produce an audio/visual presentation.

Is anyone at OAR interested in viewing them and maybe using them at  I can put them in an FTP upload directory if you have one.

This demo was done on an Ultra 80 running Solaris 10 and shows how to
build i386 cross compiling toolchain and the i386-rtems distribution
with a pc386 BSP.

Jonathan Kalbfeld
+1 323 620 6682

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