Shockwave Flash Tutorial Available for building toolchan & rtems

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Tue May 30 21:53:34 UTC 2006

On 5/30/06, Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at> wrote:

> >
> Sounds like a neat idea.  Does the tool allow you to edit out typos or
> missteps?
> Just curious, I would hate to have the world see how I actually type. :)

Unfortunately, no :-)  If you go to you can see some of  the
stuff I did.  I have quite a few typos.  One thing you can do with
vnc2swf is pause using F9, let a bunch of stuff go by and then unpause
it using F9.  That's how I compress 3 1/2 hours of build time down to
22 minutes.

> > Is anyone at OAR interested in viewing them and maybe using them at
> >  I can put them in an FTP upload directory if you have one.
> >
> Go ahead and upload it to the uploads directory on and
> I will move it to contrib.  Then everyone can share it.

I couldn't write to uploads.  I also have a QEMU 0.8.1 solaris package
for Solaris 10 sparc and also a package that installs an entire
toolchain, RTEMS and QEMU i386 emulator under /opt/esdk.  If
you want I can upload that too.

> > This demo was done on an Ultra 80 running Solaris 10 and shows how to
> > build i386 cross compiling toolchain and the i386-rtems distribution
> > with a pc386 BSP.
> >
> Anything helps someone just starting out.

It's helped me for sure.  I am moving on to Hello, World!

I want to see if I can convince JPL to try out RTEMS.


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