Shockwave Flash Tutorial Available for building toolchan & rtems

jonathan.kalbfeld at jonathan.kalbfeld at
Tue May 30 22:40:07 UTC 2006

On 5/30/06, jonathan.kalbfeld at <jonathan.kalbfeld at> wrote:

> I couldn't write to uploads.  I also have a QEMU 0.8.1 solaris package
> for Solaris 10 sparc and also a package that installs an entire
> toolchain, RTEMS and QEMU i386 emulator under /opt/esdk.  If
> you want I can upload that too.

JRKesdk-sparc-solaris10.bz2 is the i386 rtems toolchain,
build for pc386 BSP and qemu emulator for i386.  It all runs on Sun
UltraSparc running Solaris 10.

THOTqemu-sparc-solaris10.bz2 is just the QEMU i386 emulator.  It
installs in /opt/thoughtwave/bin

I put them in the /uploads/ directory and am trying to upload
esdkflash.tar.bz2 which is the flash demo.

Thanks, and enjoy,




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