build RTEMS TIc4x

liu danil danilliu at
Wed Nov 8 14:01:42 UTC 2006

Ralf wrote:

> > today, I checkout RTEMS from
> > CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs at
>This is the "unstable development" version of RTEMS (aka rtems-4.8).
>The "release" versions are on cvs-branches:
>* rtems-4-6-branch: old stable rtems-4.6.x
>* rtems-4-7-branch: soon to be released next stable rtems-4.7.x
>But ... I am quite surprised to see these errors. These bugs had been
>present for years and were supposed to be fixed (it affects the tic4x
>and some other exotic targets). I also recall having built the tic4x
>many times, but ... I am able to reproduce your error, so ... I am
>wondering what might have happened. Last minute screw up when preparing
>for rtems-4.7, something having gone wrong when OAR moved RTEMS to their
>new server, a recent CVS check-in breaking something?

I checked out RTEMS 4.7 branch (cvs -z 9 co -rrtems-4_7-branch rtems ) a 
weeks ago, and got a same error result when make it.

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