Need to rebuild RTEMS after replacing libgcc.a?

Alan Cudmore Alan.P.Cudmore at
Mon Oct 23 14:22:37 UTC 2006

Recently we noticed a bug on our m68k GCC-3.3.3 software floating  
point library.
The bug is in the libgcc.a __truncdfsf2 function which is from the  
fpgnulib.c file.

After we fix this problem, we would like to replace the libgcc.a in  
our gcc/rtems installation. Does anyone know if I should rebuild  
RTEMS to pick up changes in the new libgcc.a file, or does that only  
get brought in when linking an RTEMS application?

I know the samples that get put in the rtems/m68k-rtems directory  
would need to be re-linked, but those are not too important.


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